Our Story

My School Stuff was set up in 2016 when the local school uniform supplier closed its doors in Chichester.  This was a fabulous opportunity to create a service that provided school uniform in a unique, modern way, that was hassle free for both parents and the school alike. And so our journey began...we started with St Richard's Catholic Primary School, as they found themselves with no supplier and no time or resources to take the task on themselves. 


 As parents ourselves, we were well aware of the frustrations and limitations of needing uniform in a hurry. We understood only too well the common scenerio of the bedtime routine when your little one innocently slips into the conversation, "We need our P.E. Kit for our tournament and my t shirt  is too small or I left mine on the bus" EEK! what do you do at 7pm when the shops are closed and you are at work all week? So, we set up an online shop that enables parents to buy uniform 24hrs a day. We offer a delivery service to school three times a week and various delivery options to your home address too.


But that's not all, we hold Pop Up shops in St Richard's Church throughout the year and even an appointment system, so your journey is never wasted.  Order forms can be collected from the school office and dropped back into school, so you never have to take a day off.


We are open at the weekends too (by appointment) and can have orders ready in as little as 10 minutes for collection, even on Sunday evenings! We then extended our service to St Phillip Howard parents, as many of our parents had children in both schools. We adapted our service accordingly. Word soon spread, we were then approached by The Little Blue Door and are thrilled to supply their children and their staff with all their uniform and accessories too. 


If you would like further information on how to recommend us to your school please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website and please follow our blog as we continue our journey. 

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